Mission & Vision


  • At Kanoda, we see energy as a key to prosperity; prosperity in the sense of curbing the struggle for basic needs, averting any economic crisis, a healthy standard of living, a balanced environment, and achieving a sense of satisfaction.
  • At Kanoda, we believe in the solar way of life; solar is not just a business for us, but a mission to lead the world towards a better tomorrow. In coming years, the use of renewable energy resources will become inevitable and we envision ourselves playing a pivotal role into this transition towards the environment friendly economy.
  • At Kanoda, we don’t consider ourselves a business, but rather a‘platform’, where we want to address our customers’ everyrequirement. We believe in educating our customer, advising on theright option, sourcing the best of equipment, and providing a hassle-freeservice.


  • Our activities centre on promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.
  • We realize that in order to achieve a goal, we have to mobilize our efforts from all possible directions.  Hence, we will pursue multidimensional activities encompassing technology, policy, finance, education, and society