Our Projects

Our Projects

1. Distributed Solar

Kanoda has undertaken 3+ MWs of customized solar installations for 600+ consumers across India.  Our consumers include residential, industrial, commercial, institutional and government/ public sectors. 

Our ‘CapEx’ offering is where the customer buys the complete PV system from us.  Our scope of work includes:

  • Site survey and estimation
  • Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC)
  • Statutory and other approvals (state nodal agency, electrical inspector, distribution company, land clearance, etc.)
  • Monitoring, operation and maintenance

Our ‘OpEx’ model allows the customer to directly procure solar power (electricity) without investing in the PV system.  Kanoda serves as a platform to bring together consumers and investors, and couples them through bankable power purchase agreements (PPA).  Our scope of work includes:

  • To the investor:
    • Identification of consumer
    • Abovementioned CapEx offering
    • Detailed project report (DPR)
    • Assistance in obtaining debt funding
  • To the consumer:
    • Identification of investor
    • Assistance in open-access applications & approvals
    • Operational support

Both CapEx and OpEx models are applicable to rooftop and ground-mounted PV systems.  Rooftop PV systems are mainly installed under the purview of net-metering policies present in most of the states of India.  Ground-mounted PV systems (captive or third-party sale) mainly fall under the open-access provisions governed by respective state where the project is installed.

Our Process

Site Survey

Our trained surveyors will ask you some basic questions (like any special requirements, budget), obtain some preliminary information (like your electricity bills) and survey your roof.

System Optimization

Our experts will design an optimized rooftop solar PV system for your specific needs based on your available ‘shadow-free’ roof space, electricity requirement, budget, maximum return on investment and any other specific requirement.


We will give you a techno-commercial proposal clearly recommending what fits you best and explaining the technology offered, capacity of the rooftop PV system, cost, short-term and long-term performance, savings and payback, specifications, guarantees and other terms.

Statutory Approvals

Once you give us the green signal to go ahead, we will prepare the necessary technical documents for statutory approvals and get them approved from the state nodal agencies, electrical inspector, distribution company, etc.

Detailed Designing

Immediately after receiving the approvals, our design team will swing in action to design your rooftop PV system to the last detail.

System Installation

Once the system is designed, our Certified Installers will install the system, after which our internal inspection team will check it to ensure that we deliver the quality we promise.


Once we are convinced that your system is ready, we will intimate the distribution company to come over and commission the plant so that it can start operation.

Comprehensive Maintenance

Once the system is operational and if you have signed a maintenance contract with us, our maintenance engineer will visit you regularly to carry out his job. Meanwhile, if you feel that something is not working well, just give us a call.

Selected Installations

Industrial, commercial & institutional installations

83 kW rooftop PV @
Raj Bhavan, Jammu

(Installed on flat RCC roof)

90 kW rooftop PV @
Swastik Oil Pvt. Ltd., Navsari

(Flush portrait installation on sheet metal roof)

200 kW rooftop PV @
Islamia University, Jammu

(Multi-directional optimized installation)

151 kW rooftop PV @ Silver Oak College, Ahmedabad

(flush portrait installation on sheet metal roof)

200 kW rooftop PV @ SHMS, Srinagar

(flush portrait installation on sheet metal roof)

100 kW rooftop PV @ Sunrise Enterprise, Kalol

(flush landscape installation on sheet metal roof)

Residential Installation

Low profile installation

Elevated installation

Super-elevated installation

Shed construction

Entire societies

Channel partners




ISO 14001:2015


ISO 9001:2015

2. Remote Metering

Kanoda extensively integrates cutting-edge remote metering solutions in a technology agnostic manner for a wider application outreach.  Our metering consoles are capable of:

  • Integrating various makes of tariff and energy meters with custom IoTs
  • Real-time and remote monitoring of energy generation and consumption parameters
  • Energy data analytics, grid power supply analysis, history backfill and reports
  • GPRS/ 3G/ LTE/ Wi-fi (optional)
  • Outdoor and robust operation

Our metering consoles are extensively being used in outdoor agricultural applications, and are also capable of industrial and commercial applications.

3. Distribution Intelligence & Control

Kanoda’s distribution intelligence & control units are used for consumer-level and feeder-level power measurement and connect/ disconnect/ reconnect.  These units can be remotely programmed so that they can take instantaneous decisions based on actual field conditions.Our distribution intelligence & control units are capable of:

  • Local as well as over-the-air programming of units and pre-setting of working ‘modes’
  • Prioritization of modes and instantaneous local control response based on the prevailing ‘mode’
  • Autonomous control of supply including phase-wise connection and disconnection.
  • Measurement and logging of power and other parameters (weather, temperature, alarms, etc.) through telemetry
  • Remote communication on programmed interval in push-basis; on-demand in pull-basis
  • GPRS/ 3G/ LTE/ Wi-fi (optional)
  • Rugged outdoor SMC and metal casing
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