Rooftop Solar PV

Rooftop Solar PV

Rooftop solar gives an opportunity to become a GREEN POWER producer and to become energy independent!

Why Kanoda?

“We take your responsibility, so you don’t have to worry.”

Remember, no two solar PV systems are the same.  They might look the same.  Initially, they might even give similar outputs.  However, it is only evident in the long-term if the engineering, material quality and workmanship were done correctly.

 Expert engineering
Kanoda invests heavily in its human resources, thus creating a strong engineering and technology team.  Each supplier, technology, component and design is thoroughly verified before deploying into the field.

 Quality management process
As we source various components from various locations, and also integrate them into installations that are distributed over a wide geography, we follow stringent quality processes resulting in a successful track record.

 Research and innovation
We are constantly researching and testing newer solutions, monitoring our performance so that we can constantly strive towards giving a better and cost-effective solution to our customers.

 Ethical backbone
Solar is the need of the hour whether for the environment, self-reliance or energy security.  We believe that our job is extremely important to secure our future, and hence, we are driven to promote this noble technology and secure humanity.

Kanoda is empanelled as a Channel Partner of Gujarat Energy Development Agency for supply, installation and commissioning of rooftop solar PV systems in the State of Gujarat.


Our Process